BM Air Ltd has a healthy relationship with our distributors of all kinds of manufacturers from the leading brand of air-conditioning Daikin to the leading manufacturer of chillers Carrier.

This long standing business relationship and indeed friendship has given BM Air Ltd the opportunity to pass many of the benefits that we receive directly on to our clients such as discounts, larger warranty agreements and technical expertise..



Daikin product quality is constantly maintained by progressive improvements in the manufacturing process and intensive training given to the sales and customer care network. Daikon set the highest quality standards and constantly improve upon their work, as they create the range of air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration solutions, heating and applied systems based on optimal heat pump quality technology.



LG commercial equipment takes business to the next level with commercial appliances, electronics and more. Their products range from air conditioning systems to LED lighting solutions.



Hitachi is renowned for its extensive range of air conditioners. There's a model for everything from the domestic conservatory to the modern multi-storey office and from 2kW wall mounted units to over 1000kW screw compressor chillers.

The Hitachi compressors feature compact horizontal scrolls that drastically reduce their size for use in various contexts. Their innovative Algebraic Scroll is low in noise and vibration which gives 20% energy savings.


Mitsubishi Electric

Offering industrial, commercial and consumer electronic products, Mitsubishi Electric has an extensive range of products sold throughout Europe.

Mitsubishi Electric is globally renowned for the quality and reliability of their products which include: air condition systems, automotive electronic equipment and elevators, to name just a few.



High quality and environmentally friendly products are made with Fujitsu's policy to "create a comfortable environment" by utilising air conditioning technology and creativity they have advanced over many years.