May 19

5 Myths About Air Conditioning

Posted by admin on Thursday 19th May 2016

Advice about your air conditioning is usually based around myths. Therefore, we've stated the facts and busted these common myths that you probably have heard a million times.

Myth: Air conditioning can cause colds and dry your throat out.

Truth: Colds are caused by viruses and although low temperatures can make you more vulnerable to illness, air conditioning doesn't cause the cold. The virus does.

Myth: Maintenance is expensive and unnecessary

Truth: Routine maintenance has been proven to save you money. Air conditioning can lose its efficiency by 5 % every year it goes without service. Small issues such as dirty filters and low-refrigerant levels can escalate and cause long-term serious problems. It's best to have a routine maintenance schedule like BM AIR's annual or bi-annual packages.

Myth: It's bad for the environment

Truth: It's not bad and it could actually increase efficiency. Most air conditioning systems are at least A rated now due to the minimal usage of eco-unfriendly refrigerants. Wide HVAC systems can reduce carbon emissions for businesses. They can even be better for the environment than fans and heaters in smaller spaces.

Myth: Can't be used as a heater

Truth: Actually, it can.

Myth: The bigger the better

Truth: Size does matter. However, so do lots of other factors! An air conditioner needs to be selected to suit your home. Factors that also need consideration include: insulations, windows and roof characteristics.